Why Lighten Up Leadership?


Why comedy training for leadership?

Change feels weird. Growth is uncomfortable. Through the tools of comedic improvisation, we’re invited to loosen our grip on old habits and ways of being. In this we uncover our hidden, overlooked, or undervalued gifts.

When we laugh at our perceived weaknesses, we liberate ourselves to a lighter way of being. We can then see our growing edges with clarity.

We begin to chip away at our HUGE FREAKING EGOS and invite the possibility that our careers and lives are ours to create.

There’s agility in lightening up. There’s ease and play. Ultimately, there’s the opportunity to experience the truth of our power.

As a professional comedian and leadership trainer working across the Fortune 100, I offer clients a unique opportunity to:

1.     Get out of their head” and into their creativity

2.     Connect with impact and authenticity in every interaction

3.     Take power with easeful joy to share their unique contribution

Let's Lighten Up Leadership.