Let's Lighten Up Inclusion. Our cast of desperately flawed characters played by master comedic improvisers/ Lighten Up facilitators create unforgettable experiences that transform. Participants:

  • Identify. The day begins with a sketch played in real-time of a team meeting gone wrong. Participants identify the key barriers to inclusion and the insidious effect of unconscious bias and micro-inequities.
  • Reflect. The work turns inward as participants break into small groups- mining their own relationship with inclusion, how they react to being walled out, and the walls they put up. They learn tools to connect for inclusion and innovation.
  • Apply. Finally, we come back together to apply new tools, as participants coach our team members in improvised interventions to collaborate and excel together.
  • Lead. The day ends with closing commitments as participants are emboldened to Lighten Up Inclusion from where ever they sit. 

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