Leadership Presence

Lighten Up Leadership Presence

One-on-one coaching or group sessions to liberate the leader in every individual.

Tap into core strengths, embody authentic confidence, and allow unique leadership presence to resonate in every interaction. Combining in-depth coaching with vocal, physical, and performative techniques, I empower clients to step into their authentic leadership presence like never before. 

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Shine: Leadership Presence Summer Session

Whether you're looking for more confidence in that high stakes one-on-one or to crush an international conference, this is the bootcamp you’ve been seeking to Shine in September.

Clarity: Connect to your big why for unshakable poise
Confidence: Transform habits of smallness into opportunities for expansion
Charm: Access your innate charisma for resonate presence

Program components: All sessions live and recorded over Zoom

Session 1: Mon, Aug. 12th, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET: Presence Essentials  (1.5 hrs)

  • Tap into your why

  • Vocal & physical exercises

  • Connect, connect, connect with mindfulness techniques

Session 2: One-On-One with Lucia  (1hr)

  • A deep dive into limiting beliefs and habits for next level transformation 

Session 3: Mon, Aug 26th, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET: Expansive Presence (1.5 hrs)

  • Sharing leadership stories that uplift

Follow Up: Individualized game plan for continued growth 

Investment: $500

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